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Are you a UAE citizen?
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Are you married to a non-Emirati?
If divorced, please specify the number of years passed since the divorce
If divorced, please specify the type of divorce
How many children do you currently have under the family book?
Which city do you belong to?
What is your UAE residency period?
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What is the average income of the family?
Are you the sole applicant?
Do you have any residential property?
What type of residential property do you own?
Is your residential property ready with infrastructure?
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Does your residential property have any legal dispute?
Are You under your Father Khulasat?
Where is the residential land or house that you own located?
What is the owensership type ?
Are you with supporter or not?
Are you with supporter or not?
Is your age greater than 60 ?
Is your Humanitarian/Determined status Active or Not ?
Is Childrens father unable provide a house?
Are you Living with husband/kids?
Are you able to Give Birth or Has 1 or more children?
Is your Husband Unable To Provide House?
Is your divorce type irrevocable or revocable that lapsed 3 years ?
Have you applied for refundable loan previously?