Abu Dhabi Housing Authority is located in Abu Dhabi

Address and contact information:

  • Al Bustan Tower, 11 floor.
  • The intersection of Sheikh Saeed bin Rashid Street with Rabdan Street
  • Against Pepsi factory behind Novatel hotel, Airport Road  
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Abu Dhabi Housing Authority - Al Ain Branch

Address and contact information:


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Abu Dhabi Housing Authority will strive to respond to your feedback within 12 working days


You can apply for ADHA's services through:

If visiting ADHA’s Customer Service Centers, you only need to bring your Emirates ID Card.
However, when visiting Municipalities’ Customer Service Center, please also carry your Family Book & Passport (in case needed).

ADHA proactively provides updates on the application status to its customers through SMS.
In case, you still wish to follow up on your application status you can do so through :

  • Calling AD Government Contact Center 800555.
  • Visiting ADHA’s Customer Service Centers.
  • Mobile Application (soon).
  • Visiting ADHA’s website (soon).

Yes, and these fall under humanitarian and emergency cases and get processed as per the defined criteria.

All housing applications are processed by ADHA as per the approved eligibility criteria and do not get transferred to Crown Prince Court.

Yes, you can apply for joint applications for the loans if the ownership of the land is shared. However, in the case of the grant it is not permissible.

Yes, in case the eligibility criteria are not met. Thereafter, applicants are being informed about this along with the reasons for regret.

As per the approved eligibility criteria each Emirati is entitled for only one social housing benefit.

​No applications are received for grants. Grants are provided based on outcome of applicant’s financial assessment and as per the business rules. For more information please visit ADHA’s website “Housing Services” Section and then “Housing Grants” and click on "Ready-to-move in House"

​No. minimum age requirement for a male citizen is 21 years.

​​Yes, he is entitled to apply for the "Ready House" benefit in case the applicable eligibility criteria are met.

​Approving & allocating loans depend on many factors other than the application’s
serial number. Priority in allocation depends on combination of many factors such as location, infrastructure, building new communities and completing existing communities, etc.

20 - 25% is deducted from the monthly salary or the monthly income (depending on the case) and / or the value of the monthly housing allowance.

Duration of loan's repayment is dependent on the social & financial status of the applicant, and up to maximum 25 years.

If you reach the official retirement age, your monthly loan installment will be reviewed as per your financial status and business rules. Hence, please contact First Gulf Bank in such case.

​Yes, and the applicant shall contact FGB as soon as he /she is informed of the approval of the loan.

In case of an inhabitable house, please apply for a Maintenance Loan and request for an urgent Engineering Assessment.
Based on the Housing Condition Assessment Outcome ADHA will take the suitable decision as per the eligibility criteria.

As per the approved eligibility criteria for Maintenance or Expansion Loans, the house should be between 15 and 25 years old. Whereas, for Demolition and Reconstruction Loans, the house should be minimum 25 years old, while considering the condition of the house as indicated in the Engineering Assessment Report.

In the case of applicant's death after loan approval yet prior to construction commencement, the application gets cancelled. However, if the construction work has already started, current eligibility criteria allow the construction to get completed and subsequently the loan get exempted.

The estimated number of applications get approved & issued within one year is between 2000 to 2500 application based on the approved budgets.

The current approved business rules do not permit swapping of house with land or vice versa.

Yes, if the eligibility criteria were met. However, the granted and unconstructed plot shall be returned back to Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA).

Current approved business rules do not allow changing a "Maintenance" Loan to a "Ready-made House Purchase" Loan. For more information on business rules related to "Ready-made House Purchase Loan" please click on the link: 


The current approved eligibility criteria do not permit double utilization of the housing services between couples.

Yes, in case the approved eligibility criteria are met. To know more about the approved eligibility criteria for an Emirati woman married to an expatriate, kindly visit the Housing Services Section on ADHA’s Website, then select the desired service and click on “Special Conditions – Female” tab.

​Yes, the widow is entitled to apply for a "Ready-made House Purchase” loan, if applicable eligibility criteria of this service are met. For more information about the criteria please review the “Special Condition – Female” under “ Ready-made House Purchase” loan on the “Housing Services” Section on ADHA’s website

​Yes, she is entitled to a housing benefit if she meets the criteria of a woman married to non-Emirati. To review the conditions, please visit “Housing Services” Section on ADHA’s website and select the required service and then click on “Special Conditions – Female” link.

​​All UAE citizens ( regardless the Emirate they belong to) can benefit from Bayti designs, and they can be downloaded easily from ADHA’s website.

There are 20 designs as part of Bayti (2nd edition) for South Shamkha’s Project in the approval stage, and soon they will be posted on ADHA’s website.